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Schoolstextblast introduces a new rating to help school stakeholders assess family engagement across

More than 101 schools can now access a Schoolstextblast engagement rating that allows educators and families to understand and activate engagement.

GENERAL SANTOS CITY, Dec. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Schoolstextblast, the leading communication platform in education, today announced the launch of a new rating to help school stakeholders assess engagement across their organizations. Based on data from the Department of Education and usage information from Schoolstextblast, the rating is accompanied by powerful insights for understanding and improving engagement in a school community.

Each school's Schoolstextblast engagement rating is calculated from the reach, quality, and cadence of communication within its community. Whether a school is rated Emerging, Growing, Active, or Engaged is determined by engagement at similar schools across the Philippines.

Nationally, 57% of all K-12 schools for which data is available to have a rating of Emerging—usually representative of organizations that use a variety of communication channels for periodic outreach. In comparison, 9% have a rating of Engaged, which typically represents schools with policies and channels in place to encourage a regular cadence of communication with families.

School stakeholders can find their organization's Schoolstextblast engagement rating on their school page. Along with the rating, each school page includes community engagement statistics for the organization, previously only available with a Schoolstextblast plan; aggregated ratings for similar schools across region 12; and best practices for activating engagement at the classroom and school levels. Administrators and educators can also access additional family engagement resources from Attendance Works, Common Sense Education, and National GPTA via Schoolstextblast.

"The new rating leverages data insights from the past seven years to help stakeholders—especially administrators—assess organization-wide engagement in a way that hasn't previously been possible," said Scholstextblast CEO Dr. Andrie Udal. "Our hope for these resources is to equip and empower school communities to take actionable steps toward improving engagement and achieving their goals."

About Schoolstextblast: Schoolstextblast, the leading communication platform in education, helps educators reach students and parents where they are. With easy-to-use features that allow schools, districts, and other educational organizations to activate engagement across their communities, Schoolstextblast connects the people and resources that help give every student the opportunity to succeed.

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