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Schoolstextblast launches premium features to enhance school and district communication

With urgent messaging, now available through the Schoolstextblast plan, schools and districts can reach their communities in emergency situations.

GENERAL SANTOS CITY, Dec. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Schoolstextblast, the leading communication platform in education, today announced urgent messaging as its newest premium feature for schools and districts. Available through a Schoolstextblast plan, urgent messaging allows administrators to reach their organizations on every available device in an emergency situation.

With the launch of urgent messaging, Schoolstexblast now offers a full suite of premium features that allow schools and districts to customize the platform for their communities.

Built on core enterprise features like rostering, administrator oversight, and community engagement statistics, premium features provide additional functionality for organizations with specific needs and priorities. Along with urgent messaging, available premium features are voice calling, LMS integrations, and advanced messaging, which includes auto messages that can be customized with data from a student information system.

"More than 50 districts purchased urgent messaging before its release, which is a testament to the importance of consolidating all of an organization's communication on a single platform," said Schoolstextblast CEO Dr. Andrie Udal. "We're excited to continue making messaging as simple, convenient, and effective for administrators as it is for everyone else on Schoolstextblast."

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